December 31, 2015

The year in trees

2015 was a big year for Save the Urban Trees. We have grown to a size that makes us heard, when we speak up. Those who joined us recently may think that we are here to replant the urban trees, but nothing could be further from our purpose. We are working to make the city implement the existing trees in new projects, and have them take better care of the ones we have left.

The year in trees:
One of the big cases was Nørrebros Runddel. Had it not been for the citizen's alarm, the five old and healthy linden trees would be gone today. Instead, we managed to get a dialogue with our mayor of trees Kabell, and saved the old trees.

Further down on Nørrebro we have been fighting for two years to save some of the fifteen endangered trees, on the corner of Møllegade and Guldbergsgade, where the city plans to replace the trees with an open tile square. A little under 3000 citizens have signed the petition to preserve the trees, without leaving the slightest impression on our elected officials. They are planning to fell the trees this spring, but we will fight until they cut them down.

2015 was also the year of the monster hearing reply, as a response to the city's proposal for an urban nature strategy (Høring for Bynær Natur). And the year where we were allowed to conquer the airwaves in the world's cosiest radio show Natursyn on national radio P1. The media are tuned into trees like never before and we are finally hearing politicians calling for at tree policy for Copenhagen.

Finally there is Mission Maple Tree, our tree from Krauseparken. At the last moment we managed to save the metro-endangered tree on Østerbro. More than anything we would have preferred to see the beautiful ash (turned out to be not-maple, after all) tree preserved in the native soil, but sadly that was not an option. This is why we pulled together and in record time miraculously managed to raise the funds to move the tree to Fælledparken. A 14.000 dkr telegram from the citizens to our politicians, to wake up and take better care of our urban trees. Cough.

The coming year is going to be exciting. We have grown into union-size, and more people are requesting the option to support the cause financially. We also have to launch that tree map. We are so close, if only the city would curb the chainsaw.. How about that, Morten Kabell?

Happy New Year!

Read this post in Danish here: Året i træer.

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