December 13, 2015

The Administration recommends...

The Technical- and Environmental Council for the City of Copenhagen convenes tomorrow. On the agenda is a recommendation from the Administration, to fell a healthy twenty year old linden tree, by Frederiksholms Kanal and replant a new one five meters further up the road. Why? To improve the view. 

Red circle: "disturbing" tree. Yellow circle: planting site of replacement tree.

According to the Administration the tree disturbs the view of the bridge Marmorbroen, and access for pedestrians would improve without it.

From the proposal:

This is not a joke. And it is not even funny seeing how the recommendations of the Administration are usually followed. As a citizen one can only hope that someone in the council reads up on this suggestion, and turns it down.

While we are busy saving a tree in Krauseparken.

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