December 24, 2014

Christmas greetings from Grontmij og MT Højgaard

Here is a Christmas greeting from Grontmij and MT Højgaard

The addition to the hospital is made on a very limited space, where every inch counts, and the three big trees on the place designated for construction equipment, were doomed. I visited the crew on the scene in February, when they were about to start working, and pleaded with them to spare our tree beautiful trees. "We have to fell them, " they said, "but don't worry, we will replace them after we are done". Only, we know it doesn't work that way, in our unproductive soil. "We will think about it", they said. That's all anyone can ask.

I have been passing by regularly, with my heart beating out of my chest, every time I turned the corner... are they still there? And they are! The sweet people took mercy on us, and worked around the trees. The construction scene is now so progressed that theres is hope, we will keep the trees. The impossible became possible, hooray!

A certified Christmas tale from the real world. This is how it looked today:

April 3, 2014

Greetings from an endangered tree

Greetings from the endangered corner of Guldbergsgade and Møllegade. The poplar trees are budding, and the cherry tree showering the floor with spring confetti. They won't get our trees!

For the Danish version of this post, look here: Forårshilsen fra et truet træ.

February 11, 2014

Tiles over trees

The attacks on De Gamles By (City of The Elderly) continues. After fellings and removal of fences, the city have turned its eye on the Recycling station on the leafy corner of Møllegade and Guldbergsgade. The plan is to “open up” and replace the trees with tiles. When will this insanity end? Why can’t they just integrate the old trees in the new recycling station?

For the Danish version of this post, look here: Fældning for fliser, igen.