December 11, 2015

Mission mapletree

Saturday status: we are so close, with 6400 dkr in, we are only 1100 dkr from saving the mapletree. Amazing!

We just stopped the chainsaw! At this very moment the mapletree in Krauseparken were about to be felled, but we are so close to saving it, that the deadline has been postponed until Monday.

Late last night we got a green light to replant the tree in Fælledparken, but we still need to pay for the move. The ramp made by the Metro Company, is extra, in total the move is going to cost 7500 dkr, payable in advance.

With an emergency-crowdfunding, we may just be able to save the tree! All donations will be made public (with your choice of anonymity). If you want to support the cause get in touch by mail, I will give you my number and you can transfer by mobilepay. That way we know exactly what comes in, and from whom, and if we don’t reach the full amount, we have a way to refund the donations. But we will make the full amount, we simply must save this tree. /Sandra

PS! As an added bonus the tree will be planted in public soil, giving the city a taste of the concept. They are sceptical, but willing to try it out.

PPS! The local newspaper Østerbro Avisen are reporting on our rescue mission, with a picture from the (once a) park. All the trees have been felled but one, our poor mapletree. Oh.…/redningsaktion-for-trae-i-krauseparken/

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