December 10, 2015

Save a tree

This week the Metro Company begins preparations for the new Nordhavn line, costing us trees in Krauseparken on Østerbro. Unlike the senseless felling by the City in Møllegade, of fifteen trees to be replaced by tiles, this project is about digging deep for an emergency exit. No way around that.

We asked if there was a chance that any of the nine trees could be moved, and met with the tree movers and the Metro Company. It is a strange park, with lots of stones in multiple levels and in an architectonical brain fart, lamps have been placed in the root zone of the trees, making it impossible to move five of them. Three other cherry trees are too big to move.

But one can be saved (picture with arrow). A beautiful mapletree, that with a little effort can be moved. It is on a raised level, so the Metro Company will make a slide of gravel for the moving truck. And a fence needs to be moved slightly, to make room for the grabber. Now it all depends on whether we can find a taker for the tree. The tree itself is free of charge, the moving expenses are 5000 dkr, if moved on the same day, in the Copenhagen area. The tree is advertised in today’s Østerbro Avis (on the front page, no less). 

Time is running out, if we don’t find a new owner, it will be felled tomorrow at 11 AM. This can’t happen. If all else fails we must crowdfund the cost of storing the tree on Træbørsen (treestorage facility), until a new owner can be located.

Cable map of Krauseparken surroundings.

 Tree felling map, one can still be saved.

Cherry trees, too big to move, by the available truck.

The sky surprised us with a rainbow over the Krauseparken trees. In case anyone needed a sign.

It would be so fantastic to save this tree, and follow its progress in years to come. Anyone have space for a tree?

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