December 2, 2015

A double alarm

The Metro-company plan to fell nine trees next week in Krauseparken on Østerbro, to make room for equipment for the upcoming Nordhavn-line. The rest of the park trees will be felled in spring. It is close, but still not too late, and we are fighting along with the treemovers to make them reconsider, and move the nine trees instead of felling them.

And now another alarm sounds: on Vigerslev Alle (Valby) the city plans to widen the road and “replace” the existing old trees. Also next week.

Note from the city, reads: The trees are about to be felled. The trees along Vigerslev Allé will be replaced during the remodeling of Vigerslev Allé. It is necessary to fell the trees as Vigerslev Allé is going to be widened. The City of Copenhagen have for this reason decided to replace all the trees along Vigerslev Allé between Enghavevej and Vestre Kirkegårds Allé with new trees. They will be planted in new, big planting holes and good growth conditions so they will last for years to come. The trees will be felled in week 50.

The pace of the deforestation in Copenhagen is unreal. We have to make sure, the nine trees that can me moved, won’t be felled next week. 

Read this post in Danish here: To alarmer.

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