January 21, 2016

Potential disaster ahead

The Natural History Museum, on the corner of Øster Farimagsgade and Sølvgade, are expanding. On Tuesday the project was presented at a citizen's meeting, followed by a half hour of questions from the audience.

The architect had plenty to say about the part of the project to be build in the garden behind the museum, but nothing about the entrance area, with the bunker-hill landscape and beautiful forest of big old trees. On the rendering of the entrance area, everything has been cut down. I asked the architect about the plans, and was told that this part have not been settled yet. The only thing they know for sure, is the bike parking facility for a little over 150 bikes. But we are not to despair, as "any old tree cut down would be replaced".

We know exactly where we are headed. All you have to do is look across the street, to the opposite corner by the mutilated once-upon-a-garden at the National Museum of Denmark...

The questions posed by the citizens were an embarrassing display of parking-whining. The trees barely mentioned. No one fights for the trees at these meetings, and therefore no one at this level takes them into consideration. We must do better. All of us. This is serious business, we are losing our irreplaceable trees at an unheard pace.

The WW2 bunkers on the square are used for rehearsal studios, and there is currently a petition to save them, and incorporate them into the new plan. We are in support of that of course, because without the bunkers, the trees won't survive, as the roots are entangled with the foundation. All the bunkers and old trees may not be saved, but some must be preserved. We have to insist on that.

The hearing deadline is approaching (on Jan. 25th). We and the Local Council for Central Copenhagen, are both going to underline the importance of preserving the old trees. Everyone can leave a reply, so please do. Tell them that we prioritize other things than just parking. The worst-case scenario below is not yet decided, we still have time to fight, and hope for someone to listen to reason.

 Summer 2015 vs. the architect's vision. 

Pictures of the endangered oasis, from a blooming August day last year:


Snippets from two slides from the presentation. The old trees deemed worth preserving is counted at 14. And on top of half of them (?) suggested bike parking.

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