May 2, 2016

Today is the day!

Today the tree policy for Copenhagen is up for political vote. Nothing short of a milestone for the urban trees and the collective effort by NGOs, citizens and politicians, working tirelessly to get the trees on the agenda.

The five basic points, of the tree policy for Copenhagen:

1. Existing trees in Copenhagen must as a general rule be preserved.
2. Valuable trees in Copenhagen must be identified and preserved.
3. More trees should be planted in Copenhagen.
4. Good living conditions must be provided for both new and existing trees in Copenhagen.
5. Securing diversity.

The need for a full count of the urban trees, is mentioned in several places. Bringing us to the much awaited tree map. We need to talk about that soon, too..

Everybody cross your fingers, and hope this one will be passed. It would be amazing!

(Rescued trees by the bunkers on Queen Louises Bridge)

We just got word from Tommy Petersen (B): the tree policy was adopted.
Copenhagen now have its first ever tree policy.

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