June 9, 2018


In May the citizens alert sounded: the City had in one swoop felled the entire row of wild (self-seeded) trees along Amagerbanen, the old rail track on Amager. The reason was a new pedestrian- and bike path, and along that grass clad concrete slides as part of the climate protection plan. Meaning: they felled big and healthy trees to better the climate. In what world does that make sense?

And now the turn has come for Enghaveparken. On Monday the last of the total 69 trees (of 281), will be felled for the big climate protection plan in the park. They have promised to take good care of the remaining trees during construction and will also replant trees when they are done. As a citizen it is just so hard to understand how it is not possible to incorporate existing nature in these plans. Among other things, big trees can absorb and retain hundreds of liters of water daily. Why not take advantage of that, instead of focusing on the sole solution of concrete slides and tubs? A climate protection plan should also be defined as the protection of a climate, fit for humans?
Let the past weeks dry heat serve as a reminder of how vital trees are for the city. We cannot do without them, simple as that.

Citizens shots of the damages along Amagerbanen. Beautiful before and atrocious after, shot by Anders Adamsen and the over and out by Felix Becker.