January 26, 2018

Status of Carlsberg Byen destruction

The City of Copenhagen just publicized a status of the felled trees in Carlsberg Byen. If it feels like there has been a lot of talk about the Carlsberg trees, it is because the damages are beyond comprehension.

Felled trees on Carlsberg: 313
Felled trees in the special category "worth preserving" on Carlsberg as of May 2016: 130
Felled trees in the special category "worth preserving" on Carlsberg *without* permission: 25
The department have in addition changed 3 to not-worth-preserving. (???)

Link to the status: here. (Danish) 

January 17, 2018

Copenhagen vs. Frederiksberg

In the printed newsletter by the city of Copenhagen, distributed to all households, citizens are this time reminded to salt (!) the sidewalks in the winter season. They go as far as to suggest the alternative of gravel, but that's it.

Whereas on Frederiksberg they made a small animated movie, telling the citizen: never ever use salt on the sidewalks. And they proceed to tell you why, suggesting alternatives and where to find them. For the sake of trees, groundwater, pavement, cars, bikes, dog paws and the future.

"Although it can seem harmless, it is so much more harmful that one would think". This is how Frederiksberg describes salt. The same can be said about lacking information. This is just not green enough, Copenhagen! We absolutely must do better next winter. Ugh!

Copenhagen vs. Frederiksberg:

From the most recent printed newsletter of Copenhagen: Repeated reminders to use salt.

Watch the full animated movie from Frederiksberg to the citizens here (link).

And remember you can still sign to help the tormented lake chestnuts, to grant them the life prolonging care plan and spare them salting. Sign here (link).