February 26, 2013


Oh no! The city have decided to demolish the only 36 year old retirement home Sølund (Nørrebro by the lakes), and start over with a new one. It will cost us 97 trees on Copenhagen's most polluted stretch, where children in nearby kindergartens are instructed to stay indoors and locals discouraged from opening the windows facing the streets, in the daytime. Some of the trees are more than a century old, as the beautiful old boy on this picture.

On Wednesday February 27th there is a info-meeting with the city, and we will represent the group with two things on the agenda. One: Is there any way the oldest trees nearest the street can be preserved, by pushing the building line further back? And two: Is the city willing to save the trees that can be moved, and relocate them elsewhere in the city?

We took a walk with the tree mover, who estimates that up to forty old and beautiful trees can be saved. And furthermore there are several raised herb gardens and beautiful bushes, roses and plants that can be dug up carefully and bring joy in the city's backyards and gardens. We will fight for this till the end.