December 12, 2015

We made it!

Citizens have crowdfunded the rescue of the endangered mapletree in Krauseparken. In two days we have raised the 7500 dkr, with contributions all the way from Jutland. I have spoken to Jørgen Dahl Madsen, in charge of coordinating the treemoving, and with Jesper from Nordisk Træflyt (Nordic Treemoving), and on Monday they will lift the tree and move it to its new spot in Fælledparken.

This is a piece of Copenhagen history: citizens save an urban tree. We will follow the journey on Monday, and once it is settled in we will dance around it and celebrate the big event. 

The mapletree, summer edition.

List of contributors, for mission mapletree:


A big thank you to everyone who supported and shared the outcry. Together we have saved a tree!

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