December 14, 2015

Mission Maple update

Our citizen's rescue mission have made a big impression on everyone from politicians to the media. Maybe they are starting to realise how important the trees are to us. TV Lorry is looking forward to document the journey and journalists are pushing for updates.

According to plans the big move was set for today but we had no such luck. It turns out that we were misinformed, the gravel ramp needed for the moving truck to cross the elevated edge, was not included in the quote. And the Metro Company won't be involved in the project in any way, even if we offer to pay for it.

All they are willing to do, is to push the deadline one last time, so we can make our own ramp. We have until Friday, and that is final. We have come so far and fought so hard to save that tree, so let's do it. We build our own ramp!

The plan is to do it on Wednesday. We need a day for the gravel and maschinery to arrive, and payment is in advance, so time is short.
I have spoken to a company willing to deliver and remove the gravel. And I have talked to the garderners Det Grønne Team, who will stabilize the gravel and provide free planks to put on top (and remove them again afterwards). They will only charge us for the working hours, lending us the machinery for free. In all the ramp (and getting rid of it afterwards) will cost us 6500 dkr.

The question is if the citizens are willing to go the extra mile? I have heard from people that were sad they didn't have the chance to help finance the move. That is now possible. Contributors list is publicised afterwards (anonymous or by name, your choice). If you want to contribute, let me know by direct message, and I will give you the information you need. If we don't reach our goal, the money is returned, of course.

It is a hassle but it is possible. And if the Metro Company can build tunnels under the entire city, surely we can build a ramp and move that tree. There is still time.

From a spring moving in the City of The Elderly.

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