October 28, 2015

Total destruction on Carlsberg

In developing the new Carlsberg City, the damages to the Carlsberg area are beyond belief. Even the Climbing Forest will go. TV Lorry did a story on it yesterday, in which our local politicians mentioned the need for a tree policy, and admitted that there have not been enough focus on preserving the city’s old trees.

Good local planning would have requested that the developer spared more of the old trees, and that a place like the Climbing Forest had been preserved. Inspiration can be found in San Francisco's POPOS law (privately owned public open spaces), in which approval for projects depends on the presence of publicly accessible open spaces. 

A sample of POPOS, and full story: here

We need to incorporate the old trees we have left, in the urban planning. Urgently!

Lorry TV October 27 2015

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