October 8, 2015

Here we go again

A citizen’s alert is in. An estimated ten old trees have just been felled, and they are still at it.

Where? On the corner of Nørre Allé and Tagensvej, by the busiest intersection in Copenhagen, where the particle pollution by far exceeds the legal limit. Across from the spot where the city felled a row of eighty year old linden trees.

Who? (you are not going to believe this) The Faculty Library of Natural and Health Sciences.

Why? For bike parking.

None of these answers make sense. It is ureal. If these of all people don’t get the urgency and consequences of the pollution hazard, now bound to increase, who will?

Copenhagen have lost a garden of magnolia- and apple trees. Something a tree policy would have prevented. Someone with a sense of the larger picture, could have looked into the pollution level at this spot, and figured it out. It is not exactly rocket science. It’s nature- and health science. Wait..

 The kiss of death. Tomorrow it will probably be gone.

You can just see the busiest intersection from here. You can certainly smell and hear it. 

In Danish / På dansk her.


  1. It is always so sad to see trees being destroyed.

    1. It is almost unbearable. And it brings us no pleasure to share these pictures, we only document it to try and put a stop to unnecessary fellings.


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