September 16, 2015

Time's up

Time’s up. On Monday the politicians decide the destiny of the fifteen trees on the corner of Møllegade and Guldbergsgade. Outlook is grim, as they are “politically obligated” to make this square, and apparently this can’t be done without felling fifteen of our trees.

The fight goes on. The petition is handed over to the city on Friday. A little over 2400 signatures. There are plenty more who wants the trees preserved, but most of the people I have talked to, have given up hope that the politicians even care, or listen to the needs of the citizens.

We have been granted audience before the meeting, and will spend our ten precious minutes showing the committee pictures from the place they are about to destroy, the beautiful kindergarten and the big old trees on the square and corner that neighbors and passers-by enjoy every day. The petting zoo By-Oasen with goats, chickens and rabbits, on the other side, who will suffer increased traffic along the fence. A safe haven for children and elderly, about to be destroyed because of a plan that no one wants or needs.

It can still be stopped, but it takes political courage to realize that the plan only works on paper. From politicians supportive of the fellings, we are told that there is no problem, as the trees are “replaced”. A tree is a tree, in the world of math. It is an uphill battle, but we won’t give up.

Sign here: link.

Guldsmeden kindergarten, a small children's forest in the city.

 Three beautiful ash trees, about to be felled to make space for a recycling shed. The irony. You can almost taste it.

The petting goats at By-Oasen on the other side, who will be exposed to increased traffic. 

This is a fine example of the city’s math, by the rear entrance of the planned square: a tree is a tree. In the foreground something that could one day become a big and beautiful cherry tree, it only it had half a chance.

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