September 22, 2015

A dark day

Plan to fell the 15 big and healthy Møllegade trees passed without a vote.

The needs of the citizens means nothing. Those who in large numbers fought for By-Oasen (the petting zoo right behind this project), and won almost immediately, have overlooked what a bike highway passing right by the animals, will mean.

And they have overlooked the importance of our trees. A dark day for Copenhagen and Nørrebro.

Reads: Further process. Work expected to begin early 2016 and finished by summer 2016. Decision by Technical- and Environmental Commitee, September 21 2015. Recommendation passed without a vote.

Link to agenda of meeting, with summary at the bottom: Recommendation passed without a vote. (in Danish)

 These three ash trees will be felled to make room for a swapping shed.

And on top of this beautiful old tree there will be another shed. For toys.

It is just unreal. And so incredibly sad.

A small update: the support for the trees keep pouring in, regardless of the signatures already being handed over to the politicians. The petition is alive and kicking, with strong support from our friends at petting zoo By-Oasen. 

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