September 21, 2015

The last appeal

We just had our first audience for Teknik og Miljøudvalget (the Committee in charge of Technical- and Environmental Affairs). Today the politicians decide the faith of the fifteen trees on Møllegade, and the plans to make an open tile square with a bike lane. 

One of the things people have said concistently during the whole process, was that no one who knows or use the area would ever dream of making such a suggestion. This is why we chose to spend our ten minutes showing them pictures of the place. The kindergarten Guldsmeden, the recycling station and the petting zoo By-Oasen right behind it, standing to be affected by the proposal, and of course all our beautiful trees.

We told them how much we all love the trees. We also relayed practical advice from experts on how to build around trees. Including that of an advisor from the construction business, suggesting the use of screw foundations when mounting the recycling shed. This would allow the three big ash trees to survive. 

We also made it clear that the 1:1 replacement concept only works on paper. Newly planted street trees have a short life expectancy, and big trees removed from the street will never be able to grow again on the same spot. Now they know. Finally, we handed over the signatures for the preservation of the trees: 2475 digital and 23  on paper, from the internet-deprived elderly in the City of the Elderly. Oh.

Here is a few highlights of the comments, from the petition, answering the question, "why did you sign":


“I live here and this area works wonders as an oasis for people of all ages. Felling the trees would completely destroy the place! This is obviously a suggestion from someone who does not use or spend time in the area.”

"There are way too few green spaces on Nørrebro - which is why it is important to implement green when planning.”

“The beautiful trees are right outside my windows, and the very reason that my children have been able to follow the changing of the seasons from our home, even though they have had a childhood in the middle of Nørrebro. I hope we will succeed in alerting the politicians before it is too late.”

“I don’t mind cycling a detour to preserve an old tree.”

“Because I cycle on Møllegade and turn a right down Guldbergsgade every day and there is no need for a shortcut! Trees before more silly asphalt!!!”

"If we remove the trees in the city, we remove the possibilities to clean the particle polluted air, with its health threatening consequences.”

“My four grandchildren have moved to Møllegade and the park is their playground and oasis, thanks to trees and animals.”

“We need all the trees we can get on the heavily trafficked Nørrebro ...let us keep that oasis...”

“A clear no to felling of these big and beautiful trees in our neighborhood. The city may kindly change its plans, and spare the trees.”

"Because we must preserve our green spaces and especially so when the trees are viable. Besides, it is not good for the elderly in the City of the Elderly, with a speeding cyclist.”

"Newly planted trees don’t survive these days, due to salting in the winter that seeps into the ground and destroy the growth. The trees we see in the cities now are old, in a few decades we won’t see them grow this tall.”

“I love riding a bike in my city, and have no problem cycling a detour to save the trees. The strengthen our health, physically and psychologically, as does a few more rounds in the pedals. A safer cycle way (I assume this is the purpose) should be possible with a better solution.”

“I signed because we see felling of beautiful old trees over and over, and in their place we get ten stick trees, of which half dies within the next year... and so on.”

“Because the absense of small and green children’s oasis in Copenhagen was the reason we moved to the country...”

"The city needs all the trees we have. The create oxygen and environment. If we fell the big trees and plant new ones, it will take 30-50 years before the have reached the size of those felled. It promotes a poorer city image and environment. A city consisting of tiles and asphalt is cold, and people have a tendency to treat it and each other badly!"


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