September 24, 2015

Damage control

It is still hard to grasp how anyone can prioritize 15 big and healthy trees felled for a tile square. But here we are. We have reached the point of damage control in the Møllegade case. A last chance to save just a little.

Five of the big, healthy trees marked worthy of preservation, are to be felled for sheds. Advisors to the building trade suggests the use of screw foundations when placing the sheds. This is gentle on the roots, and don’t create risk trees. If you move the shed by the Møllegade even a little from the wall, already preserved, three large ash trees will survive. We passed this recommendation on at our appeal, and the Administration have been asked to investigate this possibility.

Mayor of Technical- and Environmental Affairs, Morten Kabell, on Twitter: Your suggestion to use a screw foundation for the shed, is being investigated.

All it takes is a will to make it happen, and that the push for it is strong enough. We need the support of the Local Council of Nørrebro and the local Environmental Council. The politicians only know what they are told by the Administration: that the citizen's group have approved and are happy about the new square. It doesn't state that we fought side by side to let these exact trees live (and were told it was possible, if we could raise a million DKR). That this is something we all want very much.
We know it can be done. Nørrebro, Copenhagen, the citizens and the three big trees deserve that chance! 

Pictured: the three trees in spring and summer edition. Last time abloom, if we don't act now.

Read about screw foundations here: (in Danish): “Screw foundations are used for carports and garages, patios, sheds, playgrounds, fences, extensions, green houses, signs and vacation houses.”

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