December 17, 2016

New York City's Street Tree Map

New York City is kicking *ss, at the moment. Once they decided to plant a million trees, they followed through. No procrastination here. And now they just launched the tree map we are dreaming about: Open Tree Map.

In a joint effort between the city and the citizens all the city's street trees have been mapped. And, with the built-in itree software, both the economical and environmental benefits are counted with great accuracy. Counting among other things the absorption of rainwater, filtering of pollution and the reduction of CO2.

Measuring the benefits of trees is so important! It is only once they are visible and have a registered, measurable value that they can be counted on the same level as the rest of the infrastructure. With a clear value it is harder to neglect, abuse and fell street trees without serious consequences.

In the coming year we will fight to make our trees count. Now that the tree policy is in place, the time has come for Copenhagen to get its own tree map. Full steam ahead!
 Screendump from Archdaily..


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