November 18, 2015

We will fight till the end

Many of us have still not given up on saving trees in Møllegade. Where the Local Council and Environmental Council have declared themselves satisfied with only three out of eighteen existing trees, politician Tommy Petersen (of Radikale) and the citizens are fighting tooth and nail to preserve more. And Nørrebro Nordvest Bladet, the local newspaper, is loyally helping keep focus on the case. They rock.

Reads: Fate of the trees still unknown.
At our audience before the committee, at the meeting where they decided to fell our fifteen trees without a vote, we passed on the advice from building experts, suggesting the use of screw foundations by the swapping shed. A shed that is to be placed on top of three big ash trees facing Møllegade. By using a screw foundation the shed can be gently mounted next to the trees, with minimal risk of damage to the roots.

Radikale seized the opportunity and asked the Administration to look into this solution: Is a screw foundation a tree friendly alternative? The answer is now in: yes, without a doubt.

(In Danish, detailed answer, summing up: yes, a screw foundation is tree friendly)

This is big. But does this mean that they are willing to push the shed slightly, and spare the three trees? Thousands of citizens have petitioned to preserve as many trees as possible on the new square. The question is, is anyone listening?

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