June 22, 2015

Alert on outer Nørrebro, Hillerødgade and Borups Allé

An alert just in from a devastated citizen: the city plans to fell all the chestnut trees along a 10 meter wide road (!), for a bike lane. The sidewalk will be placed along the wall.

We hope someone reading this, who lives in the area, will be part of putting a stop to the insane project. My hands are full with Nørrebros Runddel and Møllegade/Guldbergsgade, and I am not able to organize another fight. But we will face a lot of these cases in the future, so it is up to the citizens to meet (maybe via this group) and help each other out. 

Mail from Anna Louise Kurre:

The City of Copenhagen plans to fell 10-12 old chestnut trees on Hillerødgade from the crossing Hillerødgade/Borups Alle towards Nordre Fasanvej. The reason is that they are placing a bike lane (which is a good thing), but the road leaves plenty of space for a bike lane on the road (as is the case in the Frederiksberg borough on the last part of Hillerødgade, towards Nordre Fasanvej).

The road is 10.8 meters wide, where the city plans to fell the trees, and according to the Road Council it must be between 3 and 3.5 meters. The plan is to remove the lawn separating the sidewalk and the house and fell the trees to make a sidewalk, bike lane and parking space right up against the building. They plan to replant (although no mention of how many).

We think it is wrong to fell the trees, seeing as there is space for the bike lane in the street, which again will cause lowered speed on this stretch. Funny how the bike lane will be placed on the road as soon as we reach the neighbor property Novozyme.
I hope you will be able to bring attention to the problem, so we on outer Nørrebro can keep our beautiful trees and avoid flooding of our already exposed basements.


Do you know anyone who can help? If you live nearby or know someone who does, leave a comment or send a mail, so we can help you get connected.
Picture of the endangered trees, by Anna Louise.

This boggles the mind! So much space allocated for cars, road space and parking, and still they plan to take the space from the trees and small patch of grass? Quality of life is obviously not a priority in the City of Copenhagen.

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