June 23, 2017

A plea for the old plane

Mailed to investors and responsible for the felling, FH Management, Friday June 23, 2017. and

Dear Michael and Flemming,

Thank you for a nice phone conversation, Michael. As agreed upon, here is a mail with a little more information.

My name is Sandra Hoj and I am the founder of the fast growing citizen's movement Red Byens Træer. Our focus is on limiting the loss of urban trees and finding better ways to protect them. This is achieved by keeping a good dialogue with among others the city, politicians, professionals, developers and citizens. One of our milestones were the implementation of a Tree Policy in the city of Copenhagen.

Wednesday the Copenhageners were chocked to learn that the old plane, located on the land between Søllerødgade and Nørrebrogade, were being cut down. It is one of the area's last of this size. It was said that the city had ordered it because of the sewer, but the city denied such an order. The city have not demanded or even recommended such an action. The park manager is distraught as well. As we midway through the felling exposed doubt that this action was even called for, we contacted Kaj Thougaard and asked if we could have a little time to find a possible alternative, and saving the tree.

This time was granted on the condition that we pay for the cost of delaying the felling. The tree team corrected the cuts so the tree will be able to survive in the current condition. Plane trees are tough so our park manager for the area is optimistic about its prospects, should we be so lucky that you take mercy on it.

Kaj arrived on the spot and provided the contact information to the plummer Gravmand in Birkerød, who had inspected the sewer lines with TV. Here Steen Andersen explained the problem: that the leaking lines attract the roots, so they enter. Asked if there is a solution that would spare the old tree, he told us that cleaning the lines from the inside and then lining them, is a viable option. A quick estimate/worst case scenario was 47.000 DKR plus moms. He called the solution good and lasting.

I don't know what kind of expense you have calculated by exchanging the pipes? The felling alone is 22.000 DKR. We are happy to fight for the funding of the difference in cost. It can't be money standing in the way for the solution that would allow the old tree to survive.

The old plane tree is dearly loved. Not just by the neighbours and the children in the adjoining kindergarten and playground, but by all Copenhageners. Nature experts mourn the imminent loss of biodiversity and fauna, which also affects the animal life. The value of a beautiful old tree can be measured on so many levels. And can't be replaced in less that 100+ years.

I hope this was not too long. And hereby plead with you to take mercy on the old tree and let it live.

Kind regards
Sandra Høj
Red Byens Træer

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