July 24, 2017

Forgive us, Copenhagen

At this very moment all the old trees on Christiansborg Slotsplads are felled. In a measure not to improve the actual terror safety, but "beautify" it. Thorvald Jørgensens iconic, radiating floor is removed and replaced by plain grey granite. The two islands with big trees (and the beloved  pig) are removed. The rustic rocks are replaced with pale grey balls. And GBH Landscapearchitects included the pedestrian island in the project, costing more big trees along with the two on the opposite corner. A total of ten big trees that might just as easily have been included. And in themselves provided perfect protection.

A vanity project of the Government, led by the Speaker, which our representation have approved without ensuring the survival of the existing trees. Instead, they are "replaced" with another row of twelve trees along the canal.

For every old tree felled in Copenhagen, we lose a part of the city's history. The last pictures below show Christiansborg and the square seen through trees. We will become the last generation in the city's history to enjoy this view.

Pictures: Historical context. The greenery of the square in the past.

The Royal Library: The square in 1955 with big trees along the canal and on the square.

Unknown photographer, the square during construction in 1914.

From Wikipedia, the square as we know it today (minus the rocks).

The new plan.

Note the shaved pedestrian island to the left. This is the one:

The two large trees in the far right corner will be felled too.

Drawings of existing square vs. the new design, below:

The endangered trees:

And finally one last view through trees. We will be the last generation to have this pleasure.

Please forgive us, Copenhagen.

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