June 19, 2017

Update on Mission Mapletree

Greetings from the citizen's rescued American ash tree that was in the path of a metro construction site. Initially we all thought it was a maple three, hence the name of the mission. By coming together the citizens managed to fund the move in record time, and the tree was transplanted in Fælledparken.

A move made possible by the funds collected from citizens and the coordinated effort by the gardener, the gravel company and the tree mover. The city took mercy on us and provided the soil in Fælledparken, where the crown today is full and much more dense than last year. The roots seem to have gotten a good grip.

As it grew up in the shelter of bigger trees and have been moved to a windy spot, support straps have been attached. Once they are removed, we will see if it can survive on its own. Our beautiful tree.

Read more about Mission Mapletree here (link).

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