May 12, 2016

Disaster averted

News are in about the plan for the expansion of the Natural History Museum on the corner of Øster Farimagsgade and Sølvgade. A lot of citizens and local businesses submitted hearing replies to the plan at the last moment, in an attempt to preserve the nature in the entrance area. And it has made a huge difference.

Where the first draft to the entrance area was flattened and grey, the newly adopted plan for the area states that five of seven bunkers must be incorporated in the design along with the old trees. By preserving the bunkers, the trees are saved too, as their roots are entangled in the foundation.

In the newly published material (available online as a pdf file, in Danish), the entrance area is mentioned on page fourteen. Among other things, it states:

* Existing trees must be preserved.
* The corners must remain shaped by trees.
* Existing bunkers by Sølvgade must, with the exception of bunker 60 and 61, be preserved.


Well fought, Copenhagen!

First draft for the entrance area, causing major concern.

 The area as it looks in the summertime.

From illustration no. 3, in the adopted plan for the area no. 532, for the Natural History Museum.


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