May 9, 2016

LIberation of the Ladytree

It is finally the big day for the Ladytree. The majestic ginkgo on the Sølund grounds, is so close to being swallowed by ivy that it is in danger of suffocating. If ivy succeed in encapsulating a tree completely, it cuts of any supply of oxygen and nutrients, effectively killing the tree. Arborists have been pleading with the city administration for years, to take responsibility and liberate the old tree.

When the tree starred in Natursyn on Danish radio P1, in an online video teaser, it was seen by the certified arborists Morten & Rødderne, who offered to remove the ivy for free, as a present to the citzens and Save the Urban Trees. The new Sølund owners were excited about the offer and allowed for the removal to go ahead, and tomorrow is the big day. Stop by and see the removal from 11AM, if you are in the mood to see a team of guys climbing a six story tall tree, and wrestle an old anaconda. It is going to be quite a sight.

PS! In case you are concerned about the birds: they have promised to work around birds nests, if they come across any.

PPS! The address is Læssøesgade nr. 3, here on google maps

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