November 20, 2015

Vandalism in Valby

A twisted individual (or individuals) have gone berserk in Valbyparken, systematically vandalizing 45 trees in the dark of night. They have been girdled (bark cut off all the way around) as was the case with the old chestnut tree in the Skate Park. 

The bark is a vital part of the tree, it is where nutrients is transported to the canopy. Without bark, the tree dies. And without trees, humans die. It is that simple.


Link to TV Lorry, about the 45 vandalized trees: here.


A citizen suggests trying to save the trees with this method: How To Fix Girdled Trees. Anyone in the area or others in the group, who wants to follow up on this idea, or try and save a couple of trees this way?


The destruction continues! Another 20 cut to death just today, according to Politiken. The total of vandalized trees are now up to 70-80 birch trees. Someone catch this person!

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