November 15, 2015

Runddel accomplished

The new trees have arrived on Nørrebros Runddel. The City's plan was to fell all six of the 100 year old linden trees, when building the new square, but fortunately we managed to put a stop to that. Instead, they took just one and now the square has grown by three young tulip trees.

One of the many benefits of following a case from start, is the insight to the process and the opportunity to identify where things go wrong for our urban trees. By far, construction is the worst offender. Often they dig too close to the roots (it can and should be done with caution!), the root zone is overloaded and the bark is damaged.

During the construction on the new Runddel square, we have been in contact with the project manager several times, to stop the ongoing abuse. Heavy items were thrown against the trunks, causing damage to the bark, and the root zone have been under pressure from piles of stone and equipment. The last sad bark damage was spotted during the P1 Natursyn radio show, causing the program to end on an angry note.

First alert, June 24th 2015

And again, September 18th 2015

In this case the cobblestones caused damage to the bark.

 A citizen alerted us to this on Twitter, October 10th 2015.

We have achieved a lot by getting involved in the project from the get-go. The project manager have learned a lot about how to act around trees, something that will come in handy the next time. And, they are now looking into widening the planting holes further, for the old trees. We have inquired about round benches, to protect the trees from traffic on the square, but that is not possible due to fire safety regulations. Maybe we can find another way to shield them.

How it looked Friday. A busy offloading zone for heavy goods, by the old trees. Doors of trucks inches from damaging the bark... we must find a way to protect these trees!

The local park manager Henriette Lunn Vonsbæk invited us to the planting of the young tulip trees. It was a joy to see the city stepping up the game, to this degree. The new trees had plenty of space and quality soil, and are protected from pressure and traffic with wide iron plates. The finishing touch will be iron cages around the trunk.

Gently nudged into place.

The old rescued linden trees have been cut back severely, in order to revive them.

It is a heartbreaking sight, but the park manager explained that even if they don’t cut back trees this severely today, they had to in this case, as the past wrong-cutting dictates the course of action. On the bright side, the trees have proven to be healthy, with no rot. These trees are so full of life, and now they at least stand a chance. That is all we ask.

Updated note 2019: We were told at the time that it was a necessary and correct cut, but that turned out to be far from the case. The max reducement of a full crown, is one third and that must be done by an arborist. No other country or city use this pratice by shaving all, not only is it bad for the tree which is exposed to rot and fungus, it also responds with water shoots in sheer desperation. Birds and animals have no place to live or find nourishment and the city is robbed of the all-important canopy cover. An utter embarrassing affair, that should never have taken place at the citys command!

In Danish / Læs indslaget på Red Byens Træer, her: Runddel finale.

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