November 1, 2015

The urban trees in Danish Radio Natursyn

Tomorrow Red Byens Træer (Save the Urban Trees) gets precious airtime on Danish Radio P1, in the cool documentary program Natursyn. It airs at 13.03, and will be subsequently be released as a podcast. We took a nice long walk with host Dorte Dalgaard, and stopped by both endangered, tormented and rescued trees.

Watch the teaser on DR P1's facebook page: here.

Introduced with these fine words:

Here is “Dametræet” the Ladytree. A six story tall, healthy temple tree (Ginkgo Biloba) about 154 years old, growing in central Copenhagen. It is in danger of being felled, but that can't happen if you ask Sandra Hoj (left) and Jennie Kaae Ferrara. Three years ago they founded the citizen's group Red Byens Træer and actively began opposing felling of healthy old trees, cut down for urban development. They hope that their work will inspire citizens in other cities to care for their urban nature, as they see an urgent need for that. Listen to a portrait of the tree activists in NATURSYN, Monday at 13.03.


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