March 5, 2018

Amber alert on Islands Brygge

Tomorrow TMU decides if funds will be granted to fell the ENTIRE cherry avenue on Islands Brygge. A mad plan from the administration, who have offered the trees living conditions so poor that 14 of them over time have died and been felled. They now wish to fell the remaining 131 trees: 122 cherry trees (about 20 years old), 4 rowans, 4 poplar trees and the big chestnut on the corner.

None of the trees are sick, but they have been subjected to poor living conditions which is reflected in their growth. Last year the city added another layer of compacted gravel, all the way up to the trunks, which among other things robs the trees of water. And recently the city itself increased heavy traffic on the roots, which makes it even harder for the young trees to thrive.

Rather than improving the living conditions and adjust their own behavior, the administration prefers to fell all and start from scratch with a new avenue. This goes against the new Tree Policy stating that trees "only be felled where absolutely necessary" and that "ensures good living conditions for existing trees".

The proposal hides in a bigger plan to renovate and improve the Harbour Park. Miraculously, the local council Islands Brygges Lokalråd discovered it in the nick of time, and this buys the citizens exactly one day to stop it. The decision is made tomorrow.

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