February 9, 2018

Another dispensation for Carlsberg

Copenhagen got a new board of Technical and Environmental Affairs. Venstre, consistently voting against the trees, are no longer in, but we got two new parties: DF and Alternativet. In the latest meeting they voted about trees. And as promised we are keeping an eye on how they vote, like on Monday where Carlsberg applied for another dispensation to fell trees in the category "worth preserving". This time asking for seven of them.

In favor:
Socialdemokratiet, Konservative, Liberal Alliance, SF og Alternativet.

Radikale, Dansk Folkeparti og Enhedslisten.

This means the request was granted. Costing Copenhagen another 7 trees in the special category "worth preserving", one of which can be saved if, and only if, the neighbors fight for it during the neighbor orientation. We will keep an eager eye on that

Asked why, the party Alternativet justified its approval by the assessment that it would be no major loss of biodiversity. To which we can only say that urban trees, and especially street trees as these, contribute with so much more than biodiversity. We will have to talk a lot more about this.

The Technical- and Environmental Board of Copenhagen, as of January 1st 2018:

Latest satellite view of Carlsberg. And this was before they felled the Climbing Forest.

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