August 31, 2016

Mission Mapletree update

Here is a greeting from our tree. For those unfamiliar with the story, here is a small recap:

Right before Christmas we learned that the Metro Company were about to fell a tree on a coming construction site, in Krauseparken on Østerbro. With short notice we managed to halt the felling and gain a few days to move the tree. There were no private takers, so the City took mercy on us and offered a planting site in Fælledparken. The citizens managed to raise the funds in record time, and we had the tree picked up and moved to its new location. Initially we thought it was a mapletree but it turned out to be an American ash tree.

Immediately following the move, insane storms broke out. Several trees around the country fell over, and the same happened to our ash. Only not in the worst way, it was the soil that slid in the hole. The City's park managers attached support straps so the tree gets a chance to grow the all important fine roots that keep it fed and upright.

It grew up in shelter of other trees, but has been relocated on a windy corner, so we just have to wait and see if it manages to establish the roots, before the windy season kicks in. The tree bloomed by the book, but obviously the crown is not completely full, like before the move. We are hoping it will catch up next year.

On the bright side there is no heavy traffic on or near the roots and it is planted in fertile soil, in safe distance from salt. All we asked for, was that the tree was given a chance, and that is what it got.

Look at our sweet tree!

The tree grew behind this fence, and this is what it looks like today.

Hooray for giving the beautiful tree another chance.

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