August 13, 2016

A prep-team

At our meeting in spring, with the mayor of trees and his department chief, I suggested that the City implement a prep-team that would prepare, protect and clearly mark trees on building sites. This idea has received strong support from arborists.

Mere recommendations to protect the trees won't cut it. The current instructions are too vague, are not enforced and there are no sanctions for damages to trees. Worst of all, serious damages to the trees can be hidden for decades, before a large tree will suddenly fall, as was the case in the tragic, lethal accident by Fælledparken. With what turned out to be a roadwork-damaged tree.

The City must realize that status quo won't work. They must be willing to acknowledge the problem and look for alternative solutions. Below a picture from the University of Copenhagen on Øster Farimagsgade, where they are currently remaking the entrance.

The old giants are "protected" with flimsy, easily moved fences and plastic string. While digging and pouring a foundation directly in the drip-zone. Maybe they know no better. But the City does, and there is no excuse for turning a blind eye any longer.

Below: Instructions from The Danish Railroad, about working near trees. And two slides from Oliver Bühler of the University of Copenhagen, from the Urban Tree Seminar "Protection of trees in the building process".

From folder to entrepreneurs and builder, (in Danish) "Folder til entreprenører".

Text reads: With big trees (over four meters) digging is not allowed within the drip-zone (directly below the crown) or closer than half the tree-height from the trunk.

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