May 4, 2015

Update on Nørrebro’s 14 endangered trees

The redesign of the recycling station on Møllegade/Guldbergsgade, has left us in a situation that could have been prevented with a tree policy. If only the project manager from the very beginning had been instructed that preserving the existing trees were of the highest priority. Instead, this has been left up to the citizens, represented by a select mix of local councils, who have had zero influence on the final result.

So here we are. Stuck with a false health report on the seventeen trees, and a final tile fixated plan, as far from the intital layout and the citizens need as it can possibly be. We were told by the project manager, that it pending political green light is to be finished in early 2016, but now the word is, the entrepreneurs are already booked for August. Nothing is set. Except for the fact that they plan to fell at least fourteen big and healthy trees, in a neighborhood that have so little.

We have written our mayor of trees to explain the case, and have attached the true health report of the trees, which are healty and full of life. We have made it clear that the citizens must be heard in this matter, and that we under no circumstances will accept the feeling of fourteen out of seventeen big and healthy trees on Nørrebro.

What can we do?
We have placed banners by the square, to inform the citizens of what is about to happen. A petition have been suggested. We need to spread the word on social media and in the press.

At this spot the city plans to fell 14 of our trees. Help us stop them!

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