May 12, 2015

The citizen's briefing

So much for a second chance. After the latest (orientation) meeting, it is now clear, that the 14 trees will be cut down. The lowdown: the council’s head honcho on the project was miffed that we implied here that they’re not including locals in the project. The project manager was still not budging. The Local Environmental Council and Local Council of Nørrebro were supportive of our fight to save the three ash trees, where the shed would be placed according to the plan, and the huge corner ash.

The project has been underfunded from the get go, and incorporating existing trees is an added cost. Development requires special attention and care around the roots. What would it cost to preserve these four trees? A million crowns was the reply. We were welcome to try and fundraise this, ourselves.

The poplars in the middle are doomed, no matter what. One of them leans toward a shed, and there was once a fire in one of the sheds, to the detriment of the trees. On top of that, a hearing was held where some expressed a wish for a more open space, without the shade of the poplars.

Now here’s the fun part: which three trees have been marked for preservation? The sweet mirabelle on the Møllegade side, and the two scrawny ones on the Guldbergsgade side, which forester Ove Løbner suggested could be felled without damaging the area’s green environment.

The head of project wouldn’t take “Ove Whatshisname’s” word for it, and isn’t interested in external evaluations, but relies solely on the project’s own experts. Jeg tried to convey how difficult it is for roadside trees to grow and thrive, and that we should all fight to preserve those already existing. A message that was rebuffed by a member of the following group, who has seen how trees in rural areas can survive anything. Jeez. 

From the council perspective on things, this is how the tree equation adds up: four new rubinias will be planted along the new bike lane, and the small bed in the corner will be planted with bulbs (!). The council’s tree count is 1:1, and poplars will be ressurected as saplings, further in the City of the Elderly's compound. And forget about the trees lining the street.

The status is that the Local Environmental Council, the Local Council of Nørrebro and we, the public, must try to fundraise the economic means to preserve the four trees, in a very short time span.

I’ve sketched the new plan from memory. The two trees they’re preserving are numbers 2 and 3 out of the five on the Guldbergsgade side. Go for a walk and see for yourself. The two largest (4 and 5) closest to the Kindergarten, will also be felled.  

Møllegade is facing down. Read it and weep.

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