February 17, 2016


The winning team of the new Sølund retirement home have been announced: C.F. Møller and Tredje Natur (translates into: Third Nature, which sounds promising). It looks like the old beech on the corner survives, but it is impossible to tell from the renditions if the Ladytree will too. (to be updated)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I have just talked to one of the architects, in his owns words "of course we have incorporated the Ladytree". Along with other old trees. For now we will let them celebrate, and then we will make a full tree count at another time. Oh, this is such good news!

PS! I have spoken to the new owners of the premises KAB, and they are touched by the present by arborists Morten & Rødderne, and the removal of the evil ivy. I have hooked them up and when the big day arrives, it will be properly documented of course.

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