June 1, 2015

Møllegade news

Save the Urban Trees (Red Byens Træer) have written mayor of the trees Kabell about Møllegade, where the city plans to fell 14 out of 17 big and healthy trees, and the response is in. The management feel they have listened to the citizens and that the process have been flawless. Attached was a briefing to the mayor, and here is where it gets interesting:

In the briefing to the mayor it says that 8 trees have been marked as worth preserving, namely the ones along the wall on both sides, the same that forester Ove Løbner pointed out. It also states that since the last proposal, from December 2014, another 3 trees have been preserved. The 3 facing Møllegade, where they are planning to place a shed. In all: 6 trees saved.

But that is not true?! The final proposal as we know it, leaves only 3 trees out of 17. Incidentally the large corner ash is also marked as worth saving, but are to be felled as it “poses a danger to people’s safety” (?).

The square on top of the 3 ash trees is a simple swapping shed, for recycled items. 

Since we started digging, facts have been uncovered, that makes us question the entire process: the advisory board (consisting of selected locals) have been consistent in the wish for a green square. They even requested a healt report on the trees. The city then returned with a general statement that the trees are “in very poor condition”. Under these circumstances the board have had no other choice than to eat what was served. Now we know that the trees are healty, and furthermore that the budget at no point allowed for more trees to be preserved in this plan. Lastly we have established that even the mayor is kept in the dark, given false information.

Excerpt from mayor's briefing, dated May 7th 2015. Hello?

(If you need a translation of this, get in touch, we are happy to oblige)

According to the management, the project is up for political verification in August 2015. If we are to save our trees, we must act now. Nørrebro was in 2009 measured by the city to hit the lowest score in square meters green, per citizen. And since that time it has only declined. Enough is enough!
Green in square meters, per citizen. Boroughs listed, with average at bottom: 35 m2 vs 6 m2 for Nørrebro.

We await the answer from the management, concerning the discrepancies between what we know and what the mayor is told. If it is confirmed that we are indeed only left 3 trees, we need to lauch a massive petition. And, nothing stops us from getting an extern evaluation of the big corner ash, allegedly “a safety risk”.

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